Obtaining a residence permit in Spain


The law 14/2013 of 27 September 2013 aims to support international business and opens new possibilities for obtaining a residence for foreigners, who are seen as entrepreneurs and investors, and living in countries outside the EU.

Such visa allows you to stay in the Spanish territory for 1 to 365 days, without fear of violation of visa regime.

Who can obtain an investor visa?

The applicant for that visa can be investor, who made one of the following investments in the Spanish economy:

  • 2 million euros in state loan bonds to the government of Spain.

  • 1 million euros in stocks or shares in Spanish companies.

  • 1 million euros in bank deposits and products of Spanish financial institutions.

  • 500 000 euros in the purchase of real estate without the involvement of credit.

Real Estate can be both residential and commercial, as well as a plot of land. Otherwise, buy some houses. It’s possible the registration of the company in Spain and the acquisition of a legal entity. However, along with the applicant, his relatives - spouses, minor and adult children and parents, who are dependent on the investor can get this status.

Requirements to investors

Just as in the first application, as in the subsequent, the main requirement is the availability of the necessary investments. As well as the absence of a criminal record and the necessary means for living and the availability of health insurance.

Terms of registration

The term of preparation of the documents depends on several factors and in average takes one month.

The duration of the examination of the documents from the time of entry into the General Consulate of Spain, is 10 working days. The duration of the examination of an application for a residence permit on the basis of the investor visa is 20 working days.

The investor’s card manufacturing procedure may take 3 weeks to 1 month.


The extension of a residence permit on the basis of an investor visa, takes place in the Spanish territory. For 60 days before the expiry of the visa, the investor can apply for a residence permit for a period of 2 years, followed by extension for 5 years.

To the extensions is necessary to provide:

  • availability of investment;

  • private health insurance;

  • availability of sufficient funds to stay or live in Spain;

  • сriminal record.

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