How to build your dream house in Spain? Which construction company to trust, to get exactly what you need - just in time, and without the risks of unjustified expenditure?

Choose professionals who will take responsibility for the full cycle of the work - starting with the search for a suitable site for the construction, development and coordination of architectural design and ending with the construction of swimming pools and landscaping. You need a builder with reliable reputation and successfully work experience in this field, who will offer you the best solution to your requests with clear and understandable terms and prices.

The Construction company EUROPISOL 2002 S.L. has more than 10 years of successfully engaged in Spain to:

  • Construction of residential houses and commercial buildings;

  • Reform of apartments and houses;

  • Construction, reform and maintenance of swimming pools.

"We build and optimize all of our manufacturing processes so, as to provide customers with quality service at the best price. We are constantly exploring new technologies that appear in Europe and in the world, adapting the worthiest according to the conditions of our region. Carefully we approach to the choice of manufactures of building materials, cooperating only with the best ones. This approach allows us to remain among the leaders of the market in the region of Costa Blanca. Customers trust us", - Sergey Bous, the head of The Construction Company EUROPISOL 2002 S.L.