Documents needed to buy a property in Spain

The documents required for the purchase of a property in Spain:

  • passport;

  • nie number (NIE);

  • power of attorney to acquire nie number (NIE) and purchase of real estate - if not personally come to Spain for the deal.

Documents required to obtain a NIE number:

  • application for the NIE;

  • passport with a stamp from the airport on arrival in Spain - the original and a copy;

  • Valid Spanish visa;

  • return ticket from Spain;

  • contract of sale;

  • bank certificate about the presence in the account of the necessary amount of money for the purchase of real estate (in the amount of 40-50% of the cost of the property acquired);

  • prepayment invoice;

  • 3 color photos 3x4 cm.

If you can't come in person to obtain the NIE, it is necessary to certify a copy of the first page of the passport in the Spanish consulate in the country of residence, application for the NIE and power of attorney to a third party to obtain it (can be certified in the notary's country of residence - in this case it is necessary to translate the document into Spanish and put apostille).

If you can’t attend the transaction of purchase and sale of real estate, then make a power of attorney of purchase by a third party in the Spanish notary. Such a document must be certified by a Spanish notary, or by the notary of the country of residence (then you need the translation of the power of attorney and apostille).

Documents required to open a bank account in Spain:

  • a certificate from the employer indicating the position, the working period in the indicated position and the salary;

  • 2 certificates of the income tax (IRPF);

  • a copy of the passport.

Documents required for a loan application mortgage in a Spanish bank (to be provided by all people who will be figure in the purchase):

  • a certificate from the employer of the salary for the last 3 months;

  • bank account extract of the last 12 months;

  • an extract from the credit history bureau;

  • a copy of the passport;

  • 2 certificates of te income tax (IRPF);

  • other documents confirming the income receipt.

All documents submitted to the Spanish authorities, must be translated by an official translator and, in some cases, stamped with the "Apostille" stamp.

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