Calculating the costs for the swimming pool

The estimated size of the pool in meters (the shape can be any)
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Attention! This calculation is preliminary. In order to calculate the cost with up to € 1, please contact our specialist. We will clarify with you all the details and then make the individual estimates.

The basic cost of the pool includes:
  • Construction of the “cup" for the pool made of ceramic bricks, with the “crown" device.
  • The reinforcement of the pool with a metal mesh into two layers and the armature.
  • Concrete work - concrete "spraying" M400.
  • Waterproofing work.
  • Laying decorative tiles by the pool, on the perimeter of the pool “sinefa”.
  • Plumbing work:
    • installation bottom drain,
    • Installation «impellers» (to pump water into the pool),
    • installation of water refilling device,
    • installation of "vacuum cleaner",
    • installation of «skimmers» (water intake on the surface of the pool),
    • installation of filters,
    • installation of shower and shower tray.
The basic cost of the pool doesn't include:
  • VAT 21%.
  • License.
  • The project, from 600 €.
  • excavator work more than 1 day if there’s a complex stone ground.