Steps to buy a property in Spain: three steps to your dream

So you've decided to purchase a house on the fabulous Costa Blanca. What do we do now? Especially for you - our detailed step by step instructions.

1. Choosing your dream home

Looking for the best - without leaving home

All what you need is to formulate your wishes, set the budget for the purchase,tell us about the possible timing of your arrival to Spain.

Based on your request, we carefully select the best option. We give detailed information about each house or apartment and supply with a photo collection. We’re ready to send all materials by e-mail.

You analyze our collection - at a convenient time for you, and in a convenient place for you.

You can choose any of the options for real state on our website. Then just tell us about the kind of house you like. Report us indicating the identification number of the objects - we prepare for you an inspection on the ground.

Then, we can organize an introductory trip for you - help you to get the visa, to book flights to Alicante and back, to book a hotel room or private accommodation, we offer a shuttle service from the airport. You only have to make and pick up your suitcase! If you want you can organize your own trip to Spain. In this case, just let us know when and where to find you.

Bienvenido a España!
Welcome to Spain!

In Spain you’ll experience an exceptionally pleasure - get to know the objects selected in advance, accompanied by our manager. Choose your future home with pleasure - since you’re already in the sea, enjoy!

2. We reserve

On the site you have finally decided what’s your choice.

We prepare for you a preliminary contract of sale, we help to open a Spanish bank account and to obtain a foreigner identification number (NIE - numero de identification de extranjero). All procedures require 2-3 days.

You transfer to the seller’s bank account for reservation - 3000 - 5000 euros (or the amount provided in your purchase - sale agreement).

We remove the object from the sale. Your chosen house is no longer displayed to other customers. The house of your dreams - in five minutes will be your property!

If you have no longer the possibility to stay in Spain - you arrange a notary power of attorney to our lawyer. He brings all matters to the finals already without your personal presence. On your next visit, a hotel room will no longer be necessary - you arrive directly to your dream house.

An important detail! For real estate buyers, the agent’s services on selecting the objects - free of charge. With the purchase of housing, you pay only an additional 10% VAT.

Approximately 3% of the purchase amount required for the issue of all documents (for more details on the costs to buy a property in Spain).

3. We legalize your ownership rights

Collect all the necessary documents and mail them to us.

At this time we will carefully check the real estate debts for communal services and the presence of encumbrances. If necessary (for example, need a mortgage) - we prepare a complex document of property valuation.

Once all the documents are already gathered, and the money transferred to your Spanish account, in the notary's office signed a contract of purchase - sale or otherwise - deed (escritura de propiedad). You or your representative hand in a check for the remaining amount the seller, and in return receive the keys to the new property.

Then only remains to apply documents in property registration (Registro de propiedad), to renew all payments for communal services on your name, to register the real estate in the tax authorities. We can assume this task. And you become a happy and proud owner of a private real estate on the Costa Blanca!

Document registration is completed, usually in 1-2 months. Then you get an extract from the Chamber of Registration of property rights (Nota Simple) - with this document you can apply at the Embassy for an annual multi-visa for all family members. The multi-visa allows to stay in Spain 180 days a year (90 days in each half), and allows to move freely within the European Union.

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