N2831/7515 Sucina Виллы

ID: N2831/7515

92 000 €
N2831/7515 Sucina Виллы
N2831/7515 Sucina Виллы
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Ref N2831/7515
Тип объекта Вилла
Город Sucina
Площадь жилая 69 м²
Площадь участка 132 м²
Цена   92 000 €
Ванные 1
Частный сад
Частный солярий
Residential complex built around a 9-hole golf course, with future extension project to 18 holes. It is characterized primarily by being a resort designed for people who want to enjoy nature without giving up the city. This one-floor model house has a constructed area of 69 m2 with a living-dining room-kitchen semi-independent, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a solarium of 142.54 m2 and a garden of 132m2. It is a perfect place for golf lovers and also for anyone who enjoys the green spaces as places of leisure, beauty and tranquility. Its strategic location makes it possible for the family that decides to live in this complex to have at their fingertips everything that anyone can want: a climate where the sun shines almost all year round, nearby beaches, the Mar Menor and its natural muds with proven healing powers. Extra: Swimming-pool Prices from 85.000 Euros to 110.000 Euros.

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